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I AM A STAR makes it possible for kids to star in movies as part of their development. 

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The movie "The Alien" logo


Something out of this world is going on at The Studios in Miami, FL. As a group of young actors and the crew show up to make their movie, they're spooked again and again by something out to scare them away. Is it all a practical joke or something a bit more sinister?

"The movie was a lot funnier than I have expected. It was creepy, that's for sure, but I totally didn't expect the ending."

                                   - Tina Tatra


In a not-so-distant future, a new App is created to allow it's users to travel through space and time. Follow a rag-tag group of kids into the past, the future and outer space as they start to explore this newfound technology and deal with it's consequences.

"It's often very difficult to tell these guys are using a green screen for the whole thing. It's so much fun to jump from the past to the future, there's even some space travel!

I loved it!"


- Zach Burdiss



Three young sisters struggle with the recent death of their parents in the care of their older brother who isn't quite cut out to raise children. As the girls try to fit in at school, one sister forms a close bond with a boy in the local children's hospital. As the pressure mounts on the family, a crisis arises. Will the sisters stay together, can the friendships these girls have found along their journey endure the challenges that lay ahead?

"I was so impressed by the style of this film. The Unicorn Sisters is such a heartwarming story that reminds you to appreciate the life you're living."


- Ron Jackson

God is a Dreamer

A church youth group goes on a retreat of a lifetime that they'll never forget. Take a journey alongside these youngsters as they meet the caretakers of an ancient, isolated monastery and are tasked with challenges that will test their faith in God as their shepherd. Only by coming together, can they get out as one.

"The story behind this film is very moving. The scenery is stunning, I can't believe they did it all in a studio."


- Lauren Vogel


As a group of young actors rehearses in the studio, a few of them stumble upon a valuable set of trophies. They can't help but borrow a couple and start a chain of misadventures as the whole studio get set awry trying to recover the golden stars. There's mystery, mayhem and lots of laughs.

"The kids in this film are just adorable. I have to say, the firefighters made my day. This made me chuckle."


- Andrew Dougby

Kids Got Talent

Join Miami's most talented kids as they show off their acting and music talents. But be ready for the drama that stews around stage parents and their desire to make their kid The Star. Will the kids be able to keep the parents from losing their cool so they can enjoy their time in the studio?

"So fun to watch. The kids are having such a great time and the parents even got in on the action. Very funny!"


-Anne Wilkenson


The Executive Producer tells the Nickelodeon stars a secret about her magic box and of course they can't keep their mouths shut. Before you know it, the rumors have spread and kids are lost in the Amazon Rain Forest. The Nickelodeon Stars have to use their remaining magic items to go fetch the lost kids and get them back to the study to finish filming.